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    This site is dedicated to creating awareness about health and well-being. It does this through a holistic perspective of life and health. It offers practical tips and tools along with uncomplicated concepts for healthful living that can be incorporated into anyone’s daily lifestyle. I believe we all desire to live a good life. betty_sign
  • bookbig Do you have the GUTS to do it? Do you have the GUTS to say, “Let my health, balance and abundance begin with ME” ? It’s timeless and thought provoking. An easy read. GUTS incorporates uncomplicated concepts for healthful living. It gives the reader evidence-based knowledge of science, psychology and spirituality as it engages, encourages and inspires. GUTS offers a unique approach to life and health with an array of simple and practical tips to incorporate into daily living. The message is simple. We must each take personal responsibility to build health in all aspects of life in order to live in balanced abundance. Get GUTS now.
  • What People are Saying When I do get to bed … I read pages of Betty’s book. I like it … really like it! She has an art in expressing “simple” profound guidance in writing in an easy flowing manner. - Jill King, President, King Health and Safety Inc. Timeless and thought-provoking. An easy read. GUTS invites us to balance 6 F’s of life: Faith, Family, Fitness, Friends, Finance, and Fun. A great read that encourages self-reflection, self-inventory, self-care. Each chapter ends with the challenge: “Let It Begin with Me.” – The Rev Canon Jim Woolley, St Thomas à Becket Anglican Church Read More
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