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November 8, 2018
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March 13, 2019

I had the opportunity to present to a wonderful group of women last week. My talk was titled, “Mastering Me … Do you have the G.U.T.S. to do it?” Here’s an excerpt …

There are various strategies to self-mastery. One of the key points I promote is, “Believe in Your Value!” Believing in your value is impacted by how you feel about yourself. Do you feel you that you have worth, that you are gifted, talented and have a purpose?

Knowing how unique and valuable you are is important to truly master yourself. In saying that, I always welcome the opportunity to share the following key facts about you.

Do you know that:

  • You have over 60,000 thoughts each day;
  • Your brain thinks at a rate of 800 words per minute;
  • Your body consists of over 50,000,000,000,000 (Trillion) cells that keep you moving, growing and functioning;
  • Your eyes have over 100,000,000 receptors to help you see the world around you;
  • Your ears contain over 24,000 fibers to hear the sounds around you;
  • Your skeleton is composed of over 200 bones that are the framework for over 500 muscles, 11,000 Kilometres of nerve fiber, 96,000 Kilometers of blood vessels that pump 7500 Litres of blood through your heart in just one day and …beats over 38,000,000 times each year.

Did you know that you won out!!!

  • You were in competition with upwards of 500,000,000 sperm and 300,000 eggs and you were the one that succeeded; the one that came to be… What are the odds of you ever being born?
  • You are the combination of 23 chromosomes from your father and 23 chromosomes from your mother – what are the chances of another you – you can’t be duplicated; you’re unique, you’re extraordinary; you have a unique set of potential that yearns to be fulfilled.

A study completed a few years back, calculated the monetary value of all the parts of our human body. Can you believe … our value came to $48,000,000.00. WOW!!! How extraordinary, how amazing, how magnificent!!!

So, I need to ask you … if you had a car, a piece of art, a piece of jewellery or a home worth $48,000,000.00 how would you be treating it, thinking of it and caring for it?

Yes, you are truly a magnificent masterpiece!!! You are of great value … Believe in you; believe in who you are!

I know others welcome and need the message I speak about. Help me help others. What associations, organizations and groups do you know who are looking for qualified speakers? Please connect the two of us; or let me know and I will reach out to them. Contacting me is best through my email:

Betty Franklin
Betty Franklin
Betty Franklin is a Mental Fitness & Wellbeing Expert. She works with organizations who want to fast forward staff wellness and mental fitness in order to maximize employee engagement and build a stronger commitment to team performance. She's a high-content speaker who is motivational/inspirational in style and tone delivering thought-provoking workshops/presentations, as well as transformational coaching programs. Learn more. Contact Betty at