Life Truly Lived Is Risky Business – Seven Steps Towards Truly Living It

Are You In Charge of Your Giving This Year?
December 21, 2017
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January 25, 2018

Life truly lived is risky business, and if one puts up too many fences against
risk one ends by shutting out life itself.”
 – Kenneth S. Davis

Another holiday season has passed and we’re into a brand-new year; a time for letting go of the old and making way for new opportunities. That’s “risky business!”

The question is, “What new opportunities will you put your time and energy into this year?”

For me, I begin by taking time to reassess my present situation and asking, “What’s important to me? How can I put this into perspective, and action it as I live out the upcoming year?” Stepping back to take a full review helps me process what’s important and how I’ll navigate my future actions with greater ease, dignity and hope. I’d also say its paramount to focus on, and fill my mind with: the best, not the worst; the beautiful not the ugly; things to praise and not to curse. In doing so it helps me look for, and engage in, new opportunities and activities that are wholesome, beneficial and valuable.

Seven steps to help you move towards truly living your life:

  1. Devote time to take stock of where you are today
  2. Look at how and where you are spending your time and energy – Ask, “Am I becoming the person you always dreamed of being?”
  3. Make a list of what is important to you and see how that relates to where you are spending your time and energy
  4. Be open to seeing the excuses you are using to justify doing unimportant things
  5. Share this information with someone close to you
  6. Readjust how and where you spend your time and energy
  7. Keep your actions simple; begin by doing them one step, one day at a time

Make the choice to step into life by engaging in life giving activities and practices that connect you with your mind, body and emotions. In doing so you enrich your senses, build an essence of efficacy and power and get your blood flowing … all of which have a positive effect on your mood and life.

Life starts moving when you say, “Let it begin with me!”

If you are having difficulty sorting out where to focus your attention this year, consider a holistic approach supported by the GUTS Balance Wheel and Integrated Life Assessment. To download and use these tools as a guide click on each of them; begin formulating action steps to move your life upward. For added support in learning how to truly live your life contact me at

Betty Franklin
Betty Franklin
Betty Franklin is a mental fitness and well-being specialist. She helps talented, tenacious individuals, struggling with feelings of overwhelm, being alone and their ability to hold on, to regroup and rebalance themselves. Using a proven, time-tested system she helps them clarify their direction, strategize their actions, upgrade their skills, optimize their environments, and master their psychology. Her services are enhanced through her transformational coaching program, thought-provoking workshops and inspiring book - GUTS - Get Uncomfortable To Succeed - Embracing Health, Balance and Abundance. Learn more. Contact Betty at