Mental Fitness Expert & Coach, Author, RN


Betty Franklin is a Mental Fitness Expert, Coach, Speaker, Author and RN. She helps people find balance, contentment and energy as she supports, guides and encourages them to be the best they can be. Betty works with people who are ready for growth and change. She does so through her book GUTS, thought-provoking workshops and talks, and transformational coaching program.

As a thought leader, Betty delivers workshops and presentations focused on mental fitness and an integrated approach to life and well-being. Her unique “F” Words approach provides simple, yet challenging, strategies to help people find the GUTS to live their lives well as they also address issues often ignored or overlooked. Betty’s message resonates with audiences.

As a coach, Betty works with professionals who are in emotional and mental pain, feel overwhelmed, frustrated and like they’ve come up against a brick wall. She helps her clients clarify their direction, strategize their actions, upgrade their skills, optimize their environment and master their psychology. They become focused, and unstoppable as they identify what has been holding them back, learn new skills, embrace who they are and advance towards the life they desire.

Betty’s book, GUTS Get Uncomfortable To Succeed promotes living a healthy, balanced and abundant lifestyle. It offers valuable insights about life and well-being through a practical, down to earth approach. It’s friendly, informative and well written. It’s challenging and inspiring. As Brian Tracy, a well-known author and motivational speaker says, “GUTS shows you how to move out of your comfort zone, expand your boundaries and imagination, and achieve more than you ever thought possible.”

Her message has been delivered to many organizations some of which include: Sheridan College, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Medix College, Registered Nurses Association of Ontario, Peel Public Health, Ontario Dental Education Institute, Royal Victoria Hospital, West Park Healthcare Centre, Freedom 55, Edward Jones, SunLife Financial, Epilepsy South Central Ontario.

nursing picture-1

This is Betty when she began her nursing career.

Betty’s broad life and nursing experience, coupled with her personal journey through a mental illness diagnosis, resulted in transitioning her career from providing critical care in response to illness and disease, to one where she attacks disease on its true “frontline” – providing education and motivation aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles and preventing the onset of disease in the first place. Today, as a nurse in independent practice, Betty provides a unique health promotion program that offers an integrated approach to living life well. With a focus on mental fitness and holistic well-being she helps maximize personal effectiveness, while enhancing relationships, careers and life as a whole.

Betty is passionate about motivating people to take command of their life. Her programs focus on mental fitness and well-being through a holistic approach that transforms lives from Good, to Better, to Best! In doing so, she challenges her clients to be accountable for their lifestyle. She encourages them to be self-aware and take charge as she supports, guides and empowers them to achieve more.

Betty is committed to life-long learning and seeks to continually enhance her knowledge, skills and abilities to ensure she offers the best coaching and care possible to her clients.  As she says: “I believe we all desire to live a good life. Let me help you succeed at living life well!”