The Zen of Laughter

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September 7, 2017
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September 21, 2017

“When I woke up today, the blahs were back again”, a friend told me. “Then, I switched on the TV and a comedy was on. Soon, I was laughing out loud. It made me feel so good!”

Laughter energizes, enables and inspires. It helps you cope, be more creative and eliminate boundaries. It makes hard things easier and lightens life as you feel the weight of responsibility lift from your shoulders and slip away.

Laughter is like internal jogging. It enhances your respiration and circulation, it oxygenates your blood and suppresses stress-related hormones in your brain. Laughter activates your immune system and is a powerful antidote for anxiety and depression.

Fun, play and laughter recharge your batteries. Without this stimulation, you may be prone to negative emotions such as discouragement, despair, anger, resentment and self-pity.

What are you doing to keep your mind and spirit smiling?

I engage in a variety of activities to help lighten my day. Here’s a few that will help release tension, bring you joy and enhance your sense of well-being:

  • Watch a funny movie, show or cartoon
  • Read a comic or listen to a funny joke
  • Watch children romping around a playground or animals dashing about a dog park
  • Involve yourself with people who love to laugh and are passionate about life
  • Find friends who know how to turn challenges into opportunities

What do you have to lose … except a potentially sad day? The best way to prove that laughter is medicine for your soul is to try it. Laugh and turn your day into the Best… Ever!

My desire for you is to have a life filled with joy. If you or a friend struggle with maintaining a positive outlook, I can help. Contact me now to arrange a half price coaching session, at

Betty Franklin
Betty Franklin
Betty Franklin is a knowledgeable and engaging author, coach and facilitator. She has served over 30 years’ in the healthcare industry as a Registered Nurse, experienced many of life’s challenges and has overcome a mental illness diagnosis. Her experiences motivated her to write an inspiring book; to create thought-provoking workshops; and to help thousands of people improve their life, health and well-being. Using straightforward concepts and principles for everyday life, her passion is to support her clients as they take charge of their life circumstances.