Exploring Body, Mind and Soul Perspectives of Death

Let’s Talk about Death and Dying
October 20, 2019
What are you doing this Saturday … Come join us as we start the conversation
November 13, 2019

We live in a culture that is in awe of wealth and all it can provide. We also live in a culture where
it is difficult to talk about and contemplate death. – Tom Deans

Fear of death is not new. Ernest Becker’s book, The Denial of Death, expresses that we are a culture afraid of something we can’t purchase protection or exemption from – death. But, the consequences of not dealing with this fear are far reaching with respect to our ability to live full and extraordinary lives.

There is no better way for you to unlearn the fear of death and dying than to do so in partnership with those you love. By talking with your loved ones about the consequences of our mortality, the potential for living life more purposefully and abundantly is vastly improved.

But, do you know how to that talk? Do you struggle with engaging loved ones in end of life conversations? Let us help you! Come and join Dr. Rima Thapar and myself on Saturday November 16th, in a thought-provoking, interactive workshop where we explore the body, mind and soul aspects of the death and dying experience. We will:

  • Examine how people/society view end of life expectations
  • Discuss ways to open the conversation
  • Question alternate means to talk about issues surrounding death and dying
  • Connect participants emotionally to their thoughts and move towards peace of mind 

If you are seeking an open supportive atmosphere in which to talk about the greater impact of death and dying on you and your loved ones, this workshop is for you.

If you are a caregiver, an older adult, a child of an older adult, dealing with a life-threatening illness, preparing your will or preplanning your funeral or simply seeking to open the conversation with a loved one, then this workshop is for you.

Register now by going to: https://www.facebook.com/events/2467119906657611 Or contact Betty at: Email: betty@bettyfranklin.com Cell: 647-268-0482

All participants will receive:

  1. Copy of Starting the Conversation … A Practical Guide to Organizing Your Death Experience
  2. Breakfast and refreshments
  3. Various resource material

Percentage of proceeds will go to support Oakville Community Foundation’s Community Classroom Program

Seating is limited.  Register at: https://www.facebook.com/events/2467119906657611 Or contact Betty at: Email: betty@bettyfranklin.com Cell: 647-268-0482

Betty Franklin
Betty Franklin
Betty Franklin is a Mental Fitness & Wellbeing Expert. After a 30-year career working on the frontlines of healthcare, supporting and caring for people dealing with illness and disease, she transitioned her nursing career outside the institutional setting to help people stay healthy and live fuller, more vibrant lives. She does this through one-on-one coaching, delivering powerful seminars and her book called G.U.T.S. - Get Uncomfortable To Succeed, Embracing Health, Balance and Abundance. With a practical, well-rounded approach to mental and physical wellbeing, Betty's seminars and coaching program provide clients with clarity, direction and support to enhance their health and life. She simplifies what you need and want, how you can attain it, and helps you understand what's holding you back. People who work with Betty notice a clearer perspective emerging as they learn and grow, and as they stay accountable. Ultimately, they reach where they want to be faster, and with greater ease.