GUTS – The Book

GUTS, Get Uncomfortable To Succeed

Embracing Health, Balance and Abundance is a timeless and thought provoking book. It engages, encourages and inspires you to improve your life and health by incorporating uncomplicated concepts and principles into your everyday life.

In simple and easy to understand terms, Betty Franklin explains how your health and life are impacted by your stress, thoughts, emotions, habits and relationships, as well as your physical, nutritional, financial and spiritual fitness. All are interrelated and impact your well-being.

GUTS, offers a unique approach to enrich your life and health. It’s friendly, informative and well-written. It’s challenging and inspiring.

GUTS is a book written with love and wisdom and one you can come back to again and again.

Get your signed copy of GUTS today, for only $19.97 (+ tax & shipping).
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