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I have been working with Betty for several months now and find that she is a true inspiration. She customized her consulting to my specific needs; first understanding where I was in my life and where I wanted to be. I highly recommend Betty to anyone who is looking for help to release their emotional blocks so they will be able to achieve your goals in life. – B. J.

Here are the ways that Betty helped me. THANK YOU!!!! Betty specifically:

  • Helped me to open my eyes to new ways of thinking so that I was able to move forward.
  • Helped me to be self-reflective to truly understand who I am and what I truly need and desire.
  • Listened to how I was feeling and helped me see alternative ways of seeing things.
  • Helped me “get uncomfortable to succeed” when I was in a rut and was having a hard time getting out of it.
  • Empowered me to bring my attention back to where I wanted to focus.
  • Made me accountable for my actions. – G. K.

I use the following words to best describe what having Betty as my coach is like: inspiring, supportive, provides accountability, helps me sort out my feelings, gives me direction, helps me feel more in control of my life, helps me see the next step forward, helps me identify where I want to go – H. C.

When I began working with Betty, I felt confused about my life. I didn’t know what I wanted to do in the future. She helped me to see that I had lost self-confidence. I have regained my self-confidence and now know where I want to go and what I want to do. I have purpose every day. I know that I can accomplish whatever I set my mind on. It takes hard work but I am up to the challenge. Betty helped to steer me in the right direction. I learned to never give up on myself. – P.G.

I find that with Betty as my coach I have found someone who is: genuine, cares about people, friendly, honest and open, puts her heart into what she does. – C.W. 

Thanks Betty for all that you’ve taught and given to me. Quite honestly I feel like you’ve been more than a health coach. More like a friend, sister, my air vent if you know what I mean. I greatly appreciate your incredible honesty in sharing your own life experiences as it helped me to better understand I’m not the only one going through difficult times. – G.B.

What people are saying:

Your knowledge and compassion have truly been present. Thank you for making this a wonderful opportunity to validate and take care of ourselves.

Superb session!

Thank you so much for coming out. I have never had such an overwhelmingly positive response for a workshop we’ve hosted. People were seeking me out to thank me. People were saying “bless you”! Everyone took something away.

I love the topic. I hope you can make plans to come again.

Betty, I just want to say how blessed I felt with being part of the workshop you hosted.  You did such a fantastic job of bringing the group together.  There were so many “take aways” I went home with. The safe environment that you provided was so vital, it allowed people to open up and be able to discuss personal issues in their lives.  Too me, that was huge, because it allowed the participants to dig deeper to better recognize what their barriers may be that are impeding their health and growth. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Betty made my day when she came to speak to our group. Sometimes I pretend to be strong but at the end I’m weak , sometimes I feel alone and insecure, stressed and depressed, some days I feel that my problems don’t have a solution because I feel I live inside a bubble, I don’t see beyond my nose. But I was wrong because Betty made me feel and think different. As she spoke my mind relaxed and in a second all that stress I felt and the insecurity I felt just disappeared. She made me see that there is more in this life than work and stress, that friends, a social life, being in contact with nature are important too. That believing and loving ourselves is more important than anything.  And I’m so happy with Betty’s book (good investment ) .

Thank you for the outstanding presentation you made. I learned a lot about improving my everyday quality of life as an immigrant here in Canada. Your enthusiasm is contagious, and I will use your suggestions for my everyday life. Also, the interactive exercise about the GUTS wheel of life was very uplifting.

An awesome speaker with a strong message about balancing your life to maximize your future / your success. A very apropos message for any entrepreneur, something I wish I had heard long ago.

This program is a very important program. We need to get across to more people that they need to stop and take some time out to care for themselves. Your program is needed. Thank you.

If you have ever considered stepping out of your present life circumstances and taking some positive steps to increase your effectiveness and fulfillment in life you need to attend Betty’s workshop.

Fulfilling. Great motivational topic. Good involvement in exercises. A life important topic for all.

Liked the interactive exercises.

I enjoyed the open forum, the freedom to talk and share.

Speakers such as Betty are important to listen to.

A very insightful presentation.

It was very informative and understandable. It helps to add direction to our lives.

Betty makes an excellent presentation on staying healthy and maintaining balance while in transition. Important content to be successful.

Great perspective from a health care point of view.

Wow! GUTS shows you how to move out of your comfort zone, expand your boundaries and imagination, and achieve more than you ever thought possible.
– Brian Tracy, Motivational Speaker and Self-Development Author

I finished reading your book, GUTS. (I loved ‘Let it Begin with Me’) I must tell you I was captivated, engrossed and at times very inspired. BTW, it takes a lot for me to feel this way, especially when reading Personal Development books. – Rick Wollman – Principal Empowered Mastery and Author of You Have Infinite Power

It’s quite a book. The biggest thing that struck me was the “whole person/whole life” approach – or holistic. It’s not always comfortable but it sure has impact. I can’t honestly say when I have come across one book that seems to embrace it all. I congratulate Betty on having the perseverance and courage to write it. What a great piece of work! – Janet Davidson, Former CEO of Healthcare Centre

I love that GUTS comes from the heart. It offers a well rounded approach, with lots of very interesting things that are complimented by research. – Hats off to Betty!
– Jane E VanderPlaat, VP Client Service Life Insurance Industry

It is magnificent! It is a wonderful compilation of knowledge and first-hand experience extended with love in a book to help others on their life’s journey.
– Sandy Breininger, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

When I do get to bed … I read pages of Betty’s book. I like it … really like it! She has an art in expressing “simple” profound guidance in writing in an easy flowing manner.
– Jill King, Registered Nurse Occupational Health and Safety

Timeless and thought-provoking. An easy read. GUTS invites us to balance 6 F’s of life: Faith, Family, Fitness, Friends, Finance, and Fun. A great read that encourages self-reflection, self-inventory, self-care. Each chapter ends with the challenge: “Let It Begin with Me.”
– Reverend Jim Woolley

GUTS offers valuable insights through a down to earth point of view. It challenges you. It is friendly, well written and informative. It inspires you.
– Jenny Terwoord, Community Leadership

My husband and I have both enjoyed the read. It is a book that will stay with us and one in which we can go back to again and again to remind us to G.U.T.S. We think it’s a winner.
– Marie and George Kiproff

In today’s complex and fast-moving world we need more than foresight or hindsight. In GUTS Betty Franklin has laboriously produced that for us. Her ideas and experiences are like flowers gathered and woven into garlands.
– Kris Hansen, President Charitable Foundation

GUTS is very thought provoking with many positive ways to guide us to a more grounded, fulfilled quality of life. It gives us many common sense scenarios we know to be true but need to have the courage to act upon to bring greater self esteem and calmness to our lives. A wonderful book.
– Helen Amey, Registered Nurse