Life and Health Coach

Move from good, to better to best! Be your best possible self and learn to live life well utilizing the tips, tools and techniques of proven coaching methods. Get clarity around what’s holding you back and how to move forward. Unlike a student/teacher relationship, Betty acts as a Coach and Mentor, an equal partner as you are challenged and empowered to explore your own self- awareness and self-identity. During your journey together you will be gently guided toward the creation of a renewed, revitalized and more powerful you!

Capitalizing on many of the skills instinctively employed during her many years as a health care professional, combined with years of training and expertise as a coach, your time with Betty involves:

• Active Listening.
• Respectful Questioning.
• Exploring Effective Communication – what does that sound like?
• Being Challenged – redefining (& expanding) the boundaries of your comfort zone.
• Forming new thoughts, behaviours and expectations toward achieving your goals.
• Building trust and intimacy – helping you gain perspective, build resilience and restore confidence.
• Identifying your core values, core motivations and the expectations you hold of yourself and others.
• Providing support, encouragement, redirection and accountability exercises and tools that will continue to foster your success long after your work with Betty is done.

A successful Coach is a passionate one. One who forms a one on one bond with her client that is about working together towards the common goal of your success. Let Betty’s passion be your fuel! Betty Franklin won’t direct, she gently guides. She’ll help you create an appetite for living that allows you the space to soar. Working in partnership with you, Betty will inspire, help you learn perspective, gain inner resources and strength and help you build confidence and a stronger sense of self. You’re already on this website, you’ve already made the decision to embrace a better version of you, now take action. Contact Betty today and start “living life well.”

Email: or Phone: 647-268-0482