Workshops & Professional Speaking

My Passion = Your Success!

At Betty Franklin and Company we focus on empowering people to live life well. Personally or professionally, our proven coaching methods allow individuals the room to grow, take charge, push past comfort zones and shift life into high gear – moving from good, to better to best! Creating awareness through a holistic approach to health and wellness, our programs are designed to create both personal and organizational success.

In consultation with Betty, the timing and contents of each of these programs can be specifically tailored to meet your personal or organization or group requirements.


For Organizations

Awareness of, and the importance and promotion of mental fitness has never been more important than it is right now. Organizations are challenged to work together with employees, helping them find that critical work/life balance. Creating opportunities for employees to embrace and take charge of their personal wellbeing will only improve your bottom line. Our seminars are tailored to meet your expectations. Read our descriptions below to see how we can help support your organizational success.

For Individuals

If you’re just starting the journey of self-realization we offer introductory seminars exploring the concept of GUTS – Getting Uncomfortable to Succeed. When you are ready to commit to next steps, taking personal responsibility for your overall mental fitness and well-being, Betty Franklin and Company also offer more in-depth exploration seminars and/or two-day retreat weekends offering you the chance to take a
QUANTUM LEAP in transforming you and your life from good, to better, to the best it can be. Read the descriptions below and choose the option that fits you best as you begin living your life well!

Seminar 1: 3 + 3 = Living Life Well! (45- 75 minutes)

The 3 Mistakes holding you back & the 3 Solutions for Living Life Well

In this session Betty highlights the 3 most common mistakes you might be making right now and her 3 patented, easy and achievable solutions for Living Life Well!

Life is challenging and “living well” is not always easy. Learning how to maneuver through life both effectively and efficiently tests our skills, abilities, knowledge and stamina. It dares us to be better, work wiser and most of all, to persevere. Succeeding in life on both a personal and professional level requires first getting uncomfortable.

In this inspiring, thought-provoking and not to be missed presentation, Betty shares the road she’s travelled and how a single defining moment led her to change, grow and overcome adversity. She highlights her unique and distinctive approach to living life well, sharing the 3 most common mistakes many people make and the 3 simple solutions anyone can incorporate into their regular routine. Betty helps people find the GUTS to truly live life well.

Seminar 2: Living the “F” Words and Living Life Well (90 minutes – 3 hours)

Finding the GUTS (and strategies) to incorporate the “6 F’s!”

This session involves Information sharing, Interactive activities, Inspiring words….

We all have a lot to manage. Life is busy, life is challenging and sometimes our sense of self gets lost in the shuffle. In this interactive seminar participants will explore the 6 F’s: Family, Fun, Faith, Finances, Friends and Fitness and the impact of each on our lives, our health and our success. This workshop will introduce you to simple, practical strategies for managing each of the “F’s” as you go about daily life. Our goals are to help you reduce stress and create a work/life balance that helps bring both peace and joy to your daily living.

Seminar 3: Caring for Caregivers (45-75 minutes)

You take care of others – who is taking care of you?

During this seminar we’ll show you that it’s both RIGHT and necessary to look after yourself and why it’s WRONG to place yourself last on the priority list!

We are the “sandwich generation.” Often we are placed in the difficult position of caring for children and caring for aging parents while the importance of caring for “self” has been lost. In this seminar we explore “nurturing” and “caring” not from the perspective of what you provide to others but instead, how you can (and should) nurture and care for yourself. During an informative and challenging seminar, Betty Franklin creates awareness around the “why” you should care for yourself and provides tips and tools on the “how” – strategies for moving you from caregiver to self-care.

Weekend Workshop: It Takes GUTS! (2 days)

Transforming Lives – Becoming Your Best Self!

This two-day intensive workshop will take you off the treadmill and propel you onto the path of transformation. A voyage of self discovery, you will be moved, you will be changed…….

Transforming lives takes GUTS. Do you have what it takes? If you’re living life on a treadmill and feeling physically, mentally and emotionally drained it’s time to take action! Move your life from good, to better to best in this two-day workshop focused exclusively on you! Learn how to embrace and live life well with Betty Franklin as she provides you the tools to make a QUANTUM LEAP forward. Powerful life lessons, practical tips and tools, learning to focus on your purpose and passion – all are explored during this session. Make a commitment to moving your life forward in new and constructive ways, to living your life with purpose and passion, to living your life as your best possible you!

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