Starting the Conversation

Creating Healthy People & Communities

Starting the Conversation is a nurse-led organization. It delivers whole person, mental fitness and wellbeing programs. Using a theme-based approach to learning—combined with the integration of health promotion and illness prevention we increase our client's own empowerment, improve their quality of life, and in turn, the quality of life and care they give to others.

The COVID-19 global pandemic has underscored the importance of our mental wellbeing. It has advanced the need for increased support for those working on the frontlines of our healthcare system, educational system, social services and protective services as they manage their own mental health issues, and its impact on their role to effectively support the people they serve. It leads us to ask:

  • What supports do nurses and their fellow healthcare providers, teachers, social service workers, the police and corrections officers have?
  • What resources can they draw upon to get through each day?
  • How can they maintain their mental, emotional, and psychological wellbeing without fearing for what lies ahead or grief from the past?
  • What tools and strategies are they using as they endeavor to maintain protocols set out by their governing bodies?
  • Where do our frontline professionals go to process the ups and downs of their workday?
  • Where do they go to grieve?

The educational programs delivered by Starting the Conversation’s team of experienced, credentialed, knowledgeable facilitators, and educators, provides a robust curriculum that addresses the needs and wants of frontline professionals. The organization’s methodology creates long-lasting positive impacts that address and transforms mental health challenges.

Starting the Conversation offers a healthier more advanced approach than alternate methods by offering professionals a learning platform that creates awareness, enhances their knowledge and skills, and empowers them to talk about the ups and downs of their work experiences in a safe, inclusive, and open environment.

Using a theme-based approach to learning, combined with the integration of preventative measures, community supports, mentors, and social prescription, the Starting the Conversation team has experienced results that exceed the outcomes of approaches that currently exist.