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September 8, 2016
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September 7, 2017

A helpful tool in building healthy relationships is learning to identify who owns what. Then we let each person own and possess his or her rightful property.

If another person has an addiction, a problem, a feeling, or a self-defeating behavior, that is their property, not ours. If someone is a martyr, immersed in negativity, controlling, or manipulative, that is their issue, not ours.

If someone has acted and experienced a particular consequence, both the behavior and the consequence belong to that person.

If someone is in denial or cannot think clearly on a particular issue, that confusion belongs to him or her.

If someone has a limited or impaired ability to love or care, that is his or her property, not ours. If someone has no approval or nurturing to give away, that is that person’s property.

People’s lies, deceptions, tricks, manipulations, abusive behaviors, cheating behaviors, and tacky behaviors belong to them too. Not us.

People’s hopes and dreams are their property. Their guilt belongs to them too. Their happiness or misery is also theirs. So are their beliefs and messages.

If some people don’t like themselves, that is their choice. Other people’s choices are their property, not ours.

What people choose to say and do is their business.

What is our property? Our property includes our behaviors, problems, feelings, happiness, misery, choices and messages; our ability to love, care, and nurture; our thoughts, our denial; our hopes and dreams for ourselves. Whether we allow ourselves to be controlled, manipulated, deceived, or mistreated is our business.

Learning an appropriate sense of ownership is our responsibility. If something isn’t ours, we don’t take it. If we take it, we learn to give it back. Let other people have their property, and learn to own and take good care of what’s ours.

Affirmation – Today I will work to develop a clear sense of what belongs to me, and what doesn’t. If it’s not mine, I won’t keep it. I will deal with myself, my issues, and my responsibilities. I will take my hands off what is not mine.

Excerpt from “The Language of Letting Go” by Melody Beattie.

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Betty Franklin
Betty Franklin
Betty Franklin is a knowledgeable and engaging mental fitness expert, coach and speaker. She helps talented, tenacious, passionate professionals who are in emotional and mental pain, feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and like they have come up against a brick wall. She works with them to clarify their values, strategize their actions, upgrade their skills, optimize their enviornment and master their psychology. Her passion is supporting others as they take charge of their life circumstances and embrace a healthy, balanced and abundant lifestyle. Betty has helped thousands of people do so through her inspiring book - GUTS, thought-provoking workshops and transformational coaching program.