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October 4, 2018
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January 16, 2019

The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness,
call it intuition or what you will, and the solution comes to you. – Albert Einstein

Do you listen to the ugly voices in your head? The ones telling you why you shouldn’t do things, why you’re not good enough, why you should be fearful? The one causing agony over your decisions? Does this doubtful voice fill you with worry, anxiety and turmoil … holding you back?

Why are you listening?

When I become aware that I’m listening to that tormenting voice I need to stop, shut it down and let go of the noise and chatter.

But, doing so is not an easy task.

Quieting the noise in our heads takes practice and intentional tactics. Refocusing yourself on your breathing, on the outside landscape, on an uplifting verse, affirmation or prayer, on something comforting that has nothing to do with your problem replaces these obsessive voices. Putting distance between yourself and fanatical thinking enables you to look at your situation without losing control. It stops the fear, anxiety and worry of bad things you think may happen.

When I stop and refocus, I can hear my inner voice; the spiritual guidance that directs, protects and corrects, as I search for forward moving options and choices. That subtle voice – call it God, intuition, inner wisdom, inner nudge, Higher Power – is always there when I call upon it. It helps me cope with fear and find better solutions, enabling me to go beyond the problems holding me prisoner and freeing me to act or not act, to take a chance, to hold off on a decision, to make choices that feel right for me.

In moments of hesitation, listening to my inner voice helps me see around blind corners. Logic may dictate a certain course of action, while my inner voice urges me in a different direction. It may be easier to follow the dictates of logic, convenience or past experiences, but I may be cheating myself out of something better.  That voice takes me on a path that’s more in tune with my purpose and dreams. Taking time to pause at a crossroad and listen to that loving, supportive voice truly enriches my life as it:

  • Removes angst
  • Saves time
  • Helps creativity
  • Guides and protects

We all have the same inner intelligence, inner voice. It takes time to reach the point of trusting that voice. You may get nudges through inspirational thoughts, unexplained feelings, images in your mind or a blend of it all.

You will begin to find and hear your inner voice of wisdom by:

  1. Stopping to be calm – go for a walk, do dishes, meditate, take a break … a time out. Meditating and concentrating sharpens your awareness skills, helps you find stillness. Your inner voice can be heard within stillness and presence. The more you practice quietening that noisy, fearful voice, the more you’ll hear the commanding voice that guides and protects.
  2. Stop trying so hard – stop making things happen and forcing actions and results. The more you push the slower things go. Just like being stuck in quick sand, in trying to dig yourself out you sink deeper. This doesn’t mean being complacent. It means noticing what you have control over and what you don’t. By stressing about what may go wrong and trying to fix an imaginary problem you lose the connection.
  3. Be patient – inner wisdom shines through patience and looks at different options. It shines through your heart. Days may pass, and you notice that with more distance your inner wisdom becomes clearer. Wait 24 hours or more before you decide. Allowing feedback over several days stops the pressure to have the right answer here and now.
  4. Trust – don’t fret about whether you’re making the right decision or not. Life will take you where you need to go. You can only do the best with what you have. Listen to the quiet voice within you and see where it takes you.

Our inner wisdom wants to intervene and help us, but it waits for an invitation to be involved. We issue that invitation and open the door for wise, supportive and loving help through quieting the voices and listening. Learn to listen to your inner voice. It’s where peace lives. It’s where you’ll find strength, purpose and joy.

Betty Franklin
Betty Franklin
Betty Franklin is a Mental Fitness & Wellbeing Expert. After a 30-year career working on the frontlines of healthcare, supporting and caring for people dealing with illness and disease, she transitioned her nursing career outside the institutional setting to help people stay healthy and live fuller, more vibrant lives. She does this through one-on-one coaching, delivering powerful seminars and her book called G.U.T.S. - Get Uncomfortable To Succeed, Embracing Health, Balance and Abundance. With a practical, well-rounded approach to mental and physical wellbeing, Betty's seminars and coaching program provide clients with clarity, direction and support to enhance their health and life. She simplifies what you need and want, how you can attain it, and helps you understand what's holding you back. People who work with Betty notice a clearer perspective emerging as they learn and grow, and as they stay accountable. Ultimately, they reach where they want to be faster, and with greater ease.