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July 12, 2018
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August 9, 2018
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Words can be medicines; they can also be poisons. Words can heal; they can also kill.
It all depends on how, when and where they are used and against whom!
Let us not abuse our words. It’s a misuse of the tongue!
― Israelmore Ayivor

The words we speak have great power. They can build up or tear down; they give life or shut it out. Our tongue is a small part of our bodies, but it can cause big problems. The words of our tongue can cause strife, misunderstanding and embarrassment; they can end relationships, lose jobs and change the direction of our lives.

Our words are containers that carry either positive or negative power. They are the vehicles that illuminate and communicate what is in our hearts.

Words work best when they are tools that heal, restore and lift up, not tools that lead to conflict. Harsh, hard and unjust words spoken when stressed, overwhelmed or frustrated often lead to regret. How often do you speak negatively, only to say later, “I wish I’d not said that”?

Think before you speak – it’s a healthy skill to master. As well, practicing self-restraint and using your intellect before you respond to your emotions will boost your self-esteem. The acronyms HALT and THINK are powerful tools that I use when I need to address challenging situations.

When Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired we are prone to speak abrupt, coarse, unfriendly words that come from our hearts and out of our mouths. When we HALT first to deal with those issues, the outcomes will serve us better.

THINK before you respond. Prior to speaking, emailing or using social media ask yourself, “Is what I am going to say, tweet or send …

  • TRUE?
  • NECESSARY? and;
  • KIND?

To give a positive, welcoming response, and receive a healthier outcome, HALT and THINK help control the Power of Your Tongue.

Betty Franklin
Betty Franklin
Betty Franklin is a Mental Fitness & Wellbeing Expert. After a 30-year career working on the frontlines of healthcare, supporting and caring for people dealing with illness and disease, she transitioned her nursing career outside the institutional setting to help people stay healthy and live fuller, more vibrant lives. She does this through one-on-one coaching, delivering powerful seminars and her book called G.U.T.S. - Get Uncomfortable To Succeed, Embracing Health, Balance and Abundance. With a practical, well-rounded approach to mental and physical wellbeing, Betty's seminars and coaching program provide clients with clarity, direction and support to enhance their health and life. She simplifies what you need and want, how you can attain it, and helps you understand what's holding you back. People who work with Betty notice a clearer perspective emerging as they learn and grow, and as they stay accountable. Ultimately, they reach where they want to be faster, and with greater ease.