Five Steps To Letting Go When You Want to Hold On

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April 19, 2018
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These mountains you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb. – Najwa Zabian

Often, we throw ourselves out of balance and cause ourselves great anxiety by holding onto something or someone that needs to go, or is already gone – a job, a thing, an idea, a person, a way of life. It’s hazardous to our well-being when we expect things to last; when we spend too much time and energy just holding on and trying to control what’s around us. Letting go of what is beyond our control is a healthier option.

Acknowledging that things wear out, break and get lost; jobs wear out, break and get lost; relationships wear out, break and get lost gives peace of mind. Hanging on does not help us solve a problem, change a person or get the outcome we desire. Hanging on blocks us from getting what we want and need. Letting go is a better choice.

Letting go is an emotional, mental, spiritual and physical process of releasing that which we are clinging onto so tightly. It’s a behaviour that opens the door for life to move forward and flow easily.

During my lifetime, I’ve tried holding on to beliefs, ideas, relationships, things and the past. Doing so caused me tremendous angst, fear, worry and unease. The process of letting go and being open to new relationships, different beliefs and innovative ideas has greatly enhanced my life and my experiences.

Who are we to say that things are not happening exactly as they need to happen? Letting go frees us and connects us to greater possibilities and outcomes. It creates the optimum environment for the best possible results and solutions.

You too, can let go and change your perspective … by being grateful for the experience, the time spent, and the lessons learned. You can celebrate the pleasure, the experience, the sharing and then accept the change, accept the loss, release it and move forward. … let go of the person, idea, belief or thing. In doing so you shift your perceptions and open the way to experience fresh, valuable experiences and opportunities that enhance your life.

Check to see if there are people, experiences, objects or beliefs that you are holding on to. Prepare yourself to let them go.

To let go consider:

  1. Asking for guidance in what you need to let go of
  2. Relaxing, focusing on the moment, keeping the process simple
  3. Ask, “How important is this? Will it matter in a day, a year, in 5/10 years?”
  4. Release it; let go of it
  5. Trust that in letting go, you’re opening a door and inviting new, different and unique experiences and opportunities to come your way

Experience the process of letting go … you may be surprised at how wonderful it feels.

Betty Franklin
Betty Franklin
Betty Franklin is a Mental Fitness & Wellbeing Expert. After a 30-year career working on the frontlines of healthcare, supporting and caring for people dealing with illness and disease, she transitioned her nursing career outside the institutional setting to help people stay healthy and live fuller, more vibrant lives. She does this through one-on-one coaching, delivering powerful seminars and her book called G.U.T.S. - Get Uncomfortable To Succeed, Embracing Health, Balance and Abundance. With a practical, well-rounded approach to mental and physical wellbeing, Betty's seminars and coaching program provide clients with clarity, direction and support to enhance their health and life. She simplifies what you need and want, how you can attain it, and helps you understand what's holding you back. People who work with Betty notice a clearer perspective emerging as they learn and grow, and as they stay accountable. Ultimately, they reach where they want to be faster, and with greater ease.